Footboard Makeover



Footboard Makeover
This footboard has been through a few makeovers, and as most of you know that follow it was repurposed and hangs above my fireplace.    Here is the latest of one makeover.  Those of you that are new, probably thinking why would you use a footboard over the mantel…right?    It is probably the cheapest (was given to me from my mom) way to fill in the wall space between the fireplace and vaulted ceiling and I love using the unusual and unexpected to bring character to any room.
decorating a footboard at One More Time


It originally started off white and then chalk painted, highlighted and waxed. Here it is decorated for fall.  Another reason I like using this footboard is the top part can serve as another, so to speak, mantel for decorating .
Fall decorations on footboard at One More Time
At the time the house was decorated in richer colors and since then the entire house has gone through  a lot of transformations, refinishing, repainting and adding lighter pieces.  To bring the footboard to a lighter color, an application of a lighter paint was applied along with a crackle finish.  If you look at the pictures above  you will see where the medallions were disassembled from the pictures, and used  directly on the footboard.
repurposed footboard at One More Time
Although I do like the footboard, there was always something I felt it was missing.
Spring mantel at One More Time
The legs always seemed out of place…I felt they either needed to be cut off??? or extended down to the mantel??? but really didn’t want to do either in case I ever did want to use it for it’s original purpose.  (The headboard it being used in the guest room.)
 While putting the house back together (after carpet and paint) I ran  across these two sconces that were originally in the living room.
before chalk painted and now textured painted sconces at One More Time


They were once chalk painted to coordinate with the colors of the living room and to coordinate with the footboard an application of textured Rust-oleum was applied.
Using Rust-Oleum textured spray paint at One More Time
and to bring in the new colors of the room a Kiwi candle was added.
sconce refinished with textured spray paint at One More Time

I am really happy with how the sconces fit perfect in the leg area and feel it now completes the foot board.  Although it has been a process to put the house back together, sometimes while looking at your old pieces and redecorating it brings new ideas to another room.  Like this piece of iron wall art that sat on the ladder for the longest time.

Wall art on Ladder at One More Time
It also was spray painted the same color of the sconces
refinishing with textured paint at One More Time


Metal Wall art refinished at One More Time


and now hangs in the middle of the footboard.


Sconces added to footboard at One More Time


I don’t know about you, but I really think these sconces completed the look of the footboard…it almost looks like the scones were meant to be and is a perfect home for the legs of the footboard.

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24 thoughts on “Footboard Makeover

  1. Oh my goodness this is gorgeous! I love the creamy neutrals …the monochromatic color scheme packs a big punch! I so appreciate you sharing with us at Twirl and Take a Bow! ox

  2. Love you mantle it is gorgeous. I liked it with or without the sconces, but it was nice to add that lovely touch of lime green, and a great camaflouge idea…. Beautiful and very soothing and eye catching. Good work.<br />Blessings, nellie

  3. Tammy, this looks great. You solved the problem with the legs – they no longer look like part of a footboard. I love green with white, off-white. Using the ledge as a plate rack is the icing on the cake in this vignette. Love.<br />Rita

  4. Hi Tammy,<br />Stopping by from DIY Show Off and had to check this out. I LOVE it! Using a foot board over the fireplace is brilliant. But then adding the sconces makes it that much more amazing. What a great idea. I also love it gives you that second shelf. Just gorgeous. You did a terrific job.<br /><br />xo, Jenise @

  5. The whole vignette looks terrific! Love the softness and chippy feel. And you are so right about the sconces – the perfect finishing touch… :-)<br /><br />Lory at Designthusiasm

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