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Italian Eggnog Cappuccino

Thirsty Thursday: Italian Eggnog Cappuccino

Hi Everyone... Its time for another delicious drink here at Thirsty Thursday's.   Today,  I would like to share with you an Italian Eggnog Cappuccino .  It was my first time using Torani's Italian Eggnog syrup,  it is no secret that Torani syrups are one of my favorites!

How to make a Italian Eggnog Cappuccino at One More Time
Recently, I shared with you about how I received a Keurig Black R500 Rivo Cappuccino and Latte Brewing System for my birthday,  I finally had a chance to use it and I absolutely LOVE it!!!   

Keurig Cappuccino latte system at One More Time

I really think I found a new love, not only do I love this  Cappuccino and Latte Brewing System, but the Espresso ...oh my goodness!!! 

 I know another person who would love it  as much as I do....Do you have any idea who I am talking about?  Hint everyone loves her and she also has a huge love for coffee, just as I do!!! Ok.. one more hint: Sweet Cheeks.   If you guess Diana from Nana Diana Takes a are exactly right!!!

This one is for you virtual blogging coffee buddy!

Espresso at One More Time

Can you just smell the rich pleasant aroma?  Oh just look at all that richness... Yum! 

The Keurig came with a sample pack of three different blends of espresso.   I decided to try the   Delicato espresso.   

This was my very first time trying this coffee,  it is slightly sweet with hints of chocolate along with a long lasting citrus. 

Easy Frothing Keurig Rivo at One More Time

Another thing I love about this machine is the frothing system, that quickly froths the milk, in this case fat free half and half was frothed.

Frothing Half and Half at One More Time

Look at all this frothy goodness

Froth with Half and Half at One More Time

Not only was I pleasantly surprised on the tastes of the Italian expresso,  pairing it up with the Italian Eggnog syrup,

Cappuccino with Italian Eggnog at One More Time

and topped off with Fat Free whipped topping seriously desevered a trophy in my book!!!

Italian Eggnog Cappuccino at One More Time

cup of heaven!!!

Italian Eggnog Cappaccino

by One More Time Events

  • 1 cup Rivo Espresso Delicato or any espresso
  • 3/4 cup fat free half and half
  • 1/2 shot Torani's Italian eggnog syrup
  • Fat free whipped topping
Espresso is a single shot of coffee from an espresso machine or you can make an inexpensive espresso using instant coffee
Read more :
Brew your Espresso, add your syrup, spoon in your frothed half and half, top with whipped topping
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One More Time 

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Share It One More Time #10

Share It One More Time#10

Hi Everyone,  Welcome back to Share it One More Time Saturday's  and  you all know what that means... It's time for the 
Share It One More Time
Link Party and Features

You all linked up so many awesome and creative projects and recipes last week.  I have to tell you I had quite a difficult time trying to pick our features.  You all impress us more and more each week.

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3 Simple Fall Settings Using Softer Colors

3 Simple Fall Settings Using Softer Colors

This year I decided to stay simple and towards the softer colors of Fall.  Previously I shared the buffet that was refinished and decorated for Fall using softer shades to bring in the Fall season.   I fell in love with the soft creamy shade of  yellow against the driftwood stain which lean towards a beautiful  shade of grey.  We all know how one thing leads to another and my motto being "if it don't match paint it"!   Which is exactly what has been going on around here at One More Time Events.  

Yellow and Grey Fall Vignettes at One More Time

While shopping the other day, I found these little pumpkins and gourds in the perfect shades of yellow's and white's.   

White and Yellow Pumpkin and Gourd Vignette at One More Time

and you probably know what's coming next... right?  Yes I did!  I painted some books to match and  create this small Fall vignette on one corner of coffee table.

How to paint a faux wood finish on canvas
Creating a Faux Wood Finish on Canvas covered Books
in 3 easy steps.

To create a wood like finish to the covers of the books, I used some supplies I had on hand.
Books with canvas covers
Folk-Art Sunflower acrylic paint
Behr Cotton Grey
sponge brush 

First give the covers of the books  a coat of whatever color you wish for the base color.  Let dry.

Dip the tip of your foam brush  in one of the coordinating colors of paint  and drag the tip of it across the book cover in random lines, go back and blend it in a back and forth motion until your lines are not so prominent,  clean brush, using the next color do the same technique until you reach the look of faux wood you desire and all colors are blended in.  That quick and that easy!

Refinished Finials Using homemade Chalk Paint

On the other side of the coffee table are some more of the small pumpkins on a white platter and three finials that were refinished.   Two of them using the  same colors sunflower yellow and cotton grey  the third a new color of grey sky was used.

By adding  some plaster of paris to the paint in a small container along with a small amount of water giving each finial a base coat and highlighting and blending with the gesso.

Finals before Paint at One More Time


Painted Finals in a Pumpkin fall setting at One  More Time


Yellow and Grey Fall Coffee Table Setting at One More Time

For my birthday I was given a Hobby Lobby gift card  and with  part of it I picked up this cute yellow  pedestal bowl and added a grapevine twig orb I also painted white  and highlighted you can see it has pretty much fallen apart and because I have a hard time getting rid of things I decided to use it by nesting  a small white pumpkin in the center of it and placing it in the metal pedestal bowl.

Pumpkin Orb Vignette in metal Pedestal Tray at One More Time

I am loving the grey and you have any idea what is about to happen next???  I will be sharing later where this new love of colors is going next in another post.

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Thirsty Thursday S'more Latte, Exciting News and Feature

Thirsty Thursday S'more Coffee Latte and Exciting News
Wow... I have a lot to share with you all  today!!!

Before I get started with my regular post of Thirsty Thursday, I’m happy and very excited to share with all of you, that I will be contributing to All Things Heart and Home  for the next few months.  

S'more coffee Latte at One More Time

Today is my first  contributor post on how you can create a  Quick and Easy Fall Tablescape on any budget.  

Purple and Yellow Fall Tablescape at One More Time

I have been a follower of All Things Heart and Home for some time now.  As was excited when Robin was look for contributors and I was one of  the lucky ones to be apart of it.  Robin has to be the sweetest person I have met (virtually) and the name of her blog  reflects just what she really is all about.  While creating a beautiful home with a beautiful heart = All Things Heart and Home!

Before you head over to Robin's, how about making a quick and easy S'more coffee latte to enjoy while you learn  how this Fall tablescape was put together.    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together!  While you are there take a look around Robin's blog, I know you will love it and I'm sure you will want to be  following her as well.

Here are a few other Fall Ideas  I have put together this year

Thirsty Thursday

Hi Everyone, welcome back to Thirsty Thursday!!!  The days are getting cooler and I am loving every bit of it!!!   There is nothing better than settling down for the night, chill in the air and enjoying a warm cup of deliciousness... like this S'more Coffee Latte.    Today, I am also featuring another delicious drink from this weeks Share it One More Time party which sounds like another great drink to settle down with.

Recipe for s'more Coffee Latte at One More Time

S'more Coffee Latte

  • 2 cups hot coffee
  • 3/4 cup Half and Half
  • 4 Easy Break Bar Baker's Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate
  • Topping
  • Whipped cream, miniature marshmallows
Combine hot coffee, half and half and semi sweet baking chocolates in a sauce pan. Cook over medium heat bringing to a boil , stirring constantly, 2 to 4 minutes.
Pour into your favorite coffee cup and top it off with whipped cream and mini marshmallows
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Thirsty Thursday Feature

Butterbeer milkshake by A Does of Paige featured at One More Time

Paige From A Dose of Paige shared her Alcoholic Butterbeer and  Paige's Friend Ashly from A Party of Four  shares a non alcoholic Butterbeer .  They both sound and look delicious.  You can get the full recipes by visiting their blogs.

A Does of Paige
A Party of Four

Butterbeer Milkshake by A Party of Four featured at One More Time

Thank you ladies for sharing these great drinks at Share it One More Time party.

Speaking of Party, Share it One More Time is still open!!!

If you have a favorite , beverage, coffee, tea and you would like to share it and possible be featured here at Thirsty Thursday, drop by Share It One More Time party and link up.  

You don't have a beverage to share????   Stop by anyway and link up your DIY Project, recipe or craft.

Till Next Post...Xo
Sharing at: Aka designCraftberry BushA Stroll Thru Life,The kim six fix

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Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals DIY Project! #thriftbenefit

‪#‎thriftbenefit‬Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals DIY Project

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to be invited back to participate for this great cause Jeanette Chaney from Country Design Style puts this on every year and proud to be apart of it.  Thank you Jeanette!   Did you know that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and you  can go to to find a local shelter in your area.  

Beverage Syrup Bottle Rack Thrift Store Benefit for Shelter Animals at One More Time

Wine Bottle Rack now Beverage Syrup Rack at One More Time

This year I was able to find another great place called Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center not only do they have a great program in caring for homeless pets,  they are very active in promoting animal welfare  through community-service programs which include humane education, pet behavior counseling, and support of pet overpopulation education and programs. More on Programs & Services.

While shopping one of their thrift stores that carries a great selection of gently-used merchandise  including  clothing, furniture, household items, books, art, jewelry, seasonal items and antiques I found some great "must haves", but the best part was knowing I was helping for a good cause that help them continue to save animals and improve lives.

Now I would like to introduce to a couple of  wonderful rescues!!!  

 Chocolate Lab At One More Time
Bella is a Chocolate Lab

This our beautiful Bella, she was rescued from a local shelter and I do have to say we are so very lucky to find such good  loving dog  that brings much love and  joy to our home.... 

Vizsla Labrador Retriever at One More Time

 Cowboy is Vizsla Labrador Retriever

 This is Bella's   handsome cousin Cowboy, he belongs to my brother and sister-in-law.  Cowboy was also a rescue  from a local shelter.   Bella loves to go visit her cousin Cowboy... when we just mention his name" Cowboy" she gets so excited.   They get along so well and both are just sweethearts!!!  

Thrift Store DIY Project

Last year I shared my Rustic Fall Mantel using some rusted graters and this year,  I will be sharing how I found a wine bottle rack that I could use for all my flavored bottled syrups along with cork chalkboard tags that I made.

Those that follow me know I am a bit of a coffee lover and with so many Tornai Syrups I need and wanted a decorative way to store them and keep them organized by labeling them

Repurposed Wine Rack at One More Time

Coffee Station at One More Time

Using Drop Cloths I created covers for my syrups that are on my coffee station and since I am running out of room on my coffee station, I really needed something to display, organize and have within reach,  I had to have this wine rack so it went home with me.
Wine rack updated with Finials at One More Time

 But as my saying goes "if it's not the right color, paint it"  except this time I stained it with some drift wood stain 

Adding Driftwood Stain at One More Time

To add and create this "new syrup bottle rack"  four small finials were added to each corner after bigger holes were drilled into the four post

Transforming Wine Rack at One More Time

wooden finials added to One More Time

Cork Chalk Board Labels at One More Time

To finish it off I made some tags for the bottles which I will share in another post since this one is a bit long.

Kitchen Coffee Vignette at One More Time
I also found this silver coffee carafe and silver pedestal bowl....Love them!!!

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Share it One More Time #9

Hi Everyone,
It's time for another Share It One More Time Features and Party

You all linked up so many awesome and creative projects and recipes last week.  

But before we proceed with the features let me share with you you what Cathy and  I have been up to this past week.

 Rustic fall wreath made from paper lunch bags, book page feathers and burlap flowers at One MoreTime

Cathy shared a wreath from those same brown paper lunch bags she used for the pumpkins last week and...

Halloween candy jars made from recycled jars and candle sticks at One MoreTime

also shared some really cute and easy Halloween Candy Jars for Throwback Thursday.

I shared how I added  fall in my kitchen by just adding a pops of color

Vintage, Paint and more... One More Time Events

and 4  delicious Sweet Teas at Thirsty Thursdays. 
Sweet Teas at One More Time

Now on to This Weeks Features and Party

Share It One More Time Link Party 
and features.

hosted by

Here's this weeks features:

Fern Avenue dresser featured at One More Time
I absolutely fell in love with Fern Avenue's dresser she made into her girl's bathroom vanity.  Stunning is all I can say.

Home Away From Home Bathroom makeover featured at One More Time

I love how Our Home Away From Home changed her guest bathroom up on a budget of $50. I need to get some tips from her.

Home Heart and Hands Fireplace makeover featured at One More Time

This fireplace that Home Heart and Hands DIY'd by herself is a breath taking.   Amazing work.

 The Interior Frugalista Fall featured at One More Time

This adorable little pumpkin made by The Interior Frugalista is a perfect blend of textures.  

 Domestic Mommyhood Healthy Desserts featured at One More Time

Want to sneak some veggies into your families diet?  Domestic Mommyhood has the perfect way to do just that in her dessert round-up. 

Congratulations to all that were featured!  Thank you for partying and sharing with us.  

  If you’re new here the rules of the party are simple.  Please include a text link back to this party within your postthis is not a requirement, but we would  love it if you did.  :)

BYOP (bring your own projects and have some fun visiting the others.  By joining the party you give One More Time Events and Vintage Paint and More  permission for your projects to be featured here Twitter, FB, Pinterest, G+

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Till next Post..Xo 

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