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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

32 Magazine Worthy Centerpieces

32 Magazine Worthy Centerpieces

Hi Everyone... 
When I received the email from Liz over at  Hometalk  asking if I would be interested in creating a "Centerpiece Board"  I was more than excited to do it.  Hometalk is one of my favorite places to post and visit on a daily basis.  After you visit them you will know exactly why I love and feel the way I do about Hometalk.

As many of you know, if you follow my  of my favorite things of many, are creating centerpieces,  I am more than excited to bring to you another great board of 32 amazing centerpieces with Hometalk and others that have shared  on Hometalk.
Here are a few of the 32 centerpieces

Rusty Heart Designs

A Perfect Day to Dream

Outdoor Succulent Patio Table Centerpiece

Summer Centerpiece with Recycled Bottles

Cottage in the Oaks

These are just a few of the 32 centerpiece ideas.   To see some more amazing centerpiece ideas.

Other boards done for more inspiration for you...
 I have done a couple of boards for Hometalk, as well as participate in a fund raiser they so graciously co- hosted "Home Talk Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals"   I really enjoyed doing  both boards and thrilled  I was able to participate in such a great fund raiser.  Thank you Hometalk!

Surprising Solar lighting ideas at One More Time along with

Surprising Solar Lighting

Small container gardening at One More Time along with
55 Small Container Gardening Ideas

Hometalk is a place for professionals, non-professionals, bloggers, DIY’ers to inspire, teach and learn from others.

Have you heard of Hometalk? I am sure most of you have, right?  If not let me tell you, you are in for a real treat. and if this post isn't enough to inspire you, here are few I follow on Hometalk.   I am sure you will be inspired in a way you never thought you would.

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 Till Next Post…Xo Tammy
Sharing at: Fine Craft GuildFluster busterDomestically Speaking
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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Touring Through Blogland


Hello All!

Today, I am very excited to be  participating in a blog tour.   I was invited by

I have been following Maria Elena's blog for a long time now.  I love her style of  decorating.   
Every room is  so beautiful and it is always so neatly done.   Maria Elena has a real talent, 
not only in decorating, but has a real gift for sewing and crafting,  which is inspiring to 
everyone.   One of her projects that really stands out to me is her craft room. 
 If you haven't seen her craft room, be prepared... 
it is amazing!

Maria Elena really has an eye for color and it is obvious when you see how she has 
decorated her home including her front porch that welcomes not only her guest but anyone
that visits her blog.

Ok, lets start this tour!

 Here are the four questions I'm supposed to answer:

 1)  What are you working on right now?
I am not currently  working on any one thing  in particular right now, other than trying
 to organize and  pull my home back together after new carpet was installed and some fresh
 paint in the living/dining room area.

Before the carpet and paint took place  I just finished the master bedroom that got a 
complete makeover, by painting all the furniture and accessories.

It has been a process trying to put the house back together.  As you all know as DIY bloggers 
when you look at what you already have while putting it all back , it makes you stop and 
think "do I want to put it back where it was??? or do I want to change it and use it
 somewhere else....
Well... most of what I had,  either was repurposed or repainted and found new homes.  
Which is probably why I haven't finished putting everything  away.  One of the rooms that 
got a make over was my craft room which is now a guest room/craft room.

and while this room is still not completed it was put on hold for now.  

another room that got a bit of a change was the dining room and cabinet. Metallic glazes
were used to refinish the picture frame, sconce and floating shelves.  Wanting to showcase
my white pieces, the cabinet went through a transformation  by removing the front panels.

2)  How does my work differ from others in this genre?
This question really made me have to really  stop and think.... Although I don't feel it is much
different than others, there are so many great blogs out there that are along the same 
interest and styles which share pretty much the same interest is one of the reasons 
I love blogging, if I had to say one thing about how I differ from others, I would have to say
 from the comments I receive it would have to be "the ability to think outside the box". 

Like hanging a footboard over the fireplace 

or using a Vintage window and luggage rack for a coffee table

3)  Why do I write/create what I do?
I love blogging and sharing home decorating along with gardening ideas and a few quick 
and easy recipes.   I love sharing designs that are  homey, budget-conscious, and try to be as 
creative as I can in an elegant way. 

I enjoy the challenge of reinventing my decor and  figuring out how to make something out
of  ‘nothing’, creatively and beautifully, urging and sharing with others  to recycle reuse,
revamp, redecorate and remodel.  But, most of all I find blogging and keeping busy 
in a creating way is the best stress relief, relaxing and all while meeting other blogger 
that share the same interest.

 4)  How does your writing/creating process work?

I am not as organized as I would like to be and by all means not a great writer.   I am kind
 of a "fly by the seat of your pants" kindof girl."   I do have to be a bit more organized now 
that I am a regular  contributor to Fine Craft Guild where I share eco-friendly crafts  which
 has forced me to be a bit more organized,as well as hosting a weekly  link party called
 "Share it One More Time" on Sundays,  so between the two it has kept me to more of a 
schedule and post when I can and when a project inspires me to do so.

Here are a few projects that I have contributed to Fine Craft Guild in the past few weeks that 
happens on Mondays...

and my Eco friendly lemonade bottle and daisy's from my garden Centerpiece.

Thank you for stopping by One More Time Events, I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I liked
 putting it together for this Touring through Blogland Tour.

 Now I would like to introduce to you two wonderful bloggers I've chosen. 
They will participate in the tour next Monday, July 14th.
 You will love these ladies and their blogs.
They all have been very inspirational to me and are just the nicest people you will ever meet.
FineCraftGuild aims to be ‘the destination-blog’ for easy, eco-friendly 
DIY Crafts & Home Décor tutorials & patterns. It takes inspiration, 
research, experimentation, practice and time to raise a creative project from ‘good’ to ‘great’. 
 I offer exactly that extensive input on what works and what doesn’t. This way, my readers 
can create beautiful projects, easy & fast.  ~ Rose, FineCraftGuild

Doreen and her husband have just retired and have recently moved full time
to what was previously just their weekend home...a log cabin in a lake

community in the Berkshire area of Massachusetts. Although cottage style
and french country are her true loves, Doreen has embraced the rustic style 
that is befitting a log cabin and enjoys taking us on her diy journey. Doreen writes about  
life in the beautiful Berkshires, shares delicious recipes and creative and budget friendly
 craftand diy projects.
I hope you pay these ladies a visit.  Their blogs are full of gorgeous inspirations for your
 I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I do following them,  I am sure you will want to 
start following them as well!!! You won't be disappointed!

If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more like it… I would love it if you followed along 

Till Next Post…Xo Tammy

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Share it One More Time Features and Party

Share It One More Time Party and Features

Welcome to Share It One More Time at One More Time Events.  Hope you all had a safe and  great fourth of July.  I can't believe it is already July and most of all I can't believe while shopping the other day...that Fall decorations are already hitting the shelfs.  I usually anxious  for Fall to come, but I do have to say it is really hard to think of Fall so soon especially, when we are having weather in the 90's.  Are any of you thinking or doing Fall yet?   For now I am still in Summer mode especially after seeing so many great ideas that were shared at last weeks party!

On to the party and features with some great Summer ideas
Share it One More Time runs for a full week.

 Each week I will be featuring projects from the party and will be using one of your pictures with a link back to your post. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to this week! 
Share it One More Time runs for a full week.

Pennys Treasures shared her Potting Shed Redo featured at One More Time

Pennys Treasures shared her Potting Shed Redo

 Martinel Art shared her Summer Vintage Table featured at One More Time

Martinel Art shared her Summer Vintage Table

Plum Perfect and Me shared her Hydrangea Wreath featured at One More Time

Plum Perfect and Me shared her Hydrangea Wreath

My Thrift Store Addiction Trash to Treasure Garden Finds featured at One More Time

My Thrift Store Addiction Trash to Treasure Garden Finds

Little Brags.shared her Painted Old Buckets featured at One More Time

Little Brags.shared her Painted Old Buckets

Glass Slipper Restorations A Potting Table For Mom featured at One More Time

Glass Slipper Restorations A Potting Table For Mom

Vintage Paint and More shared her Beach Inspired Porch featured at One More Time

Vintage Paint and More shared her Beach Inspired Porch

Lovely Livings All Decked Out featured at One More Time

Lovely Livings All Decked Out

Thank  you for sharing at Share it One More Time Party!    You are what makes this a party and I love seeing what you all have to share!
Share It One More Time Party and Features

Congratulations to all that was featured!  Thank you so much for partying and sharing with One More Time Events.  You can grab your featured button from the top tab.
If you’re new here the rules of the party are simple.  Please include a text link back to this party within your post, this is not a requirement, but would love it if you did.  

BYOP (bring your own projects and have some fun visiting the others.  By joining the party you give One More Time Events permission for your projects to be featured here Twitter, FB, Pinterest, G+

After you link up here don't forget to stop by and link up to these great parties
Bouquet of Talent by Life on Lakeshore Drive Sunday and Kathe with and E on Tuesday.

Life on Lakeshore Drive

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Till Next Post…Xo Tammy

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Monday, June 30, 2014

DIY Summer Shell Vignette

DIY Summer Shell Vignette

Hi, Last week I shared  how I put together my DIY Seashell Centerpiece with capiz shells, sand and glass over at Fine Craft Guild and this week I would like to bring you part 2 of my seashell summer centerpiece  Vignette using fishing net in three different ways  with only one package of netting, 3 cylinder vases, shells and mother of pearl filler. To see how this was all put together you can visit Fine Craft Guild where I share and contribute every Monday.   I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.

Decorating in Cylinder vases at One More Time

using shells and drift wood in glass vases at One More Time Events.comArranging Shells for a summer vignette at One More Time

Till Next Post...Xo Tammy

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Footboard Makeover

Footboard Makeover

This footboard has been through a few makeovers, and as most of you know that follow it was repurposed and hangs above my fireplace.    Here is the latest of one makeover.  Those of you that are new, probably thinking why would you use a footboard over the mantel…right?    It is probably the cheapest (was given to me from my mom) way to fill in the wall space between the fireplace and vaulted ceiling and I love using the unusual and unexpected to bring character to any room.
decorating a footboard at One More Time

It originally started off white and then chalk painted, highlighted and waxed. Here it is decorated for fall.  Another reason I like using this footboard is the top part can serve as another, so to speak, mantel for decorating .

Fall decorations on footboard at One More Time

At the time the house was decorated in richer colors and since then the entire house has gone through  a lot of transformations, refinishing, repainting and adding lighter pieces.  To bring the footboard to a lighter color, an application of a lighter paint was applied along with a crackle finish.  If you look at the pictures above  you will see where the medallions were disassembled from the pictures, and used  directly on the footboard.  

repurposed footboard at One More Time

Although I do like the footboard, there was always something I felt it was missing.  

Spring mantel at One More Time

The legs always seemed out of place...I felt they either needed to be cut off??? or extended down to the mantel??? but really didn't want to do either in case I ever did want to use it for it's original purpose.  (The headboard it being used in the guest room.)

 While putting the house back together (after carpet and paint) I ran  across these two sconces that were originally in the living room.

before chalk painted and now textured painted sconces at One More Time

They were once chalk painted to coordinate with the colors of the living room and to coordinate with the footboard an application of textured Rust-oleum was applied.

Using Rust-Oleum textured spray paint at One More Time

and to bring in the new colors of the room a Kiwi candle was added.

sconce refinished with textured spray paint at One More Time

I am really happy with how the sconces fit perfect in the leg area and feel it now completes the foot board.  Although it has been a process to put the house back together, sometimes while looking at your old pieces and redecorating it brings new ideas to another room.  Like this piece of iron wall art that sat on the ladder for the longest time.

Wall art on Ladder at One More Time

It also was spray painted the same color of the sconces
refinishing with textured paint  at One More Time

Metal Wall art refinished at One More Time

and now hangs in the middle of the footboard.

Sconces added to footboard at One More Time

I don't know about you, but I really think these sconces completed the look of the almost looks like the scones were meant to be and is a perfect home for the legs of the footboard.

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