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Monday, April 21, 2014

Dining Room and China Cabinet Update

Dining Room and China Cabinet Update

Facing the good, bad and ugly... and that is exactly what took place when new carpet, and new paint was done in the living room and dining room.  I really never cared for the color of the walls in both areas, but with the high ceilings paint was always put off, until a couple of weeks ago and  now I am so happy it was done.  Here is the bad part…packing it up and removing all of it  (which by the way most of it is still packed). The good part.. is I am realizing that less is more.  I still can't believe  how we got so much in one area and how much was collected over the years.  

Updates in Dining room at One More tim e

Another nice thing about getting new carpet and having the walls painted,  it gave a clean slate to work with.   While cleaning the cabinet, there was one thing that I really didn't care for on the cabinet and that was the panels that are in front of the glass on the front of the cabinet and doors. mainly because whatever was placed in the china cabinet it couldn't really be seen for the panels and it being so dark in color.  

transforming china cabinet at One More Time


There are a few pieces I just won't paint and this cabinet is one of them along with the dining room set.  So to lighten it up I added some of my white pitchers, other white dishes and simply removing the panels, but by rooming the panels I need to find something to fill in the void between the glass and frame.  After pondering on this I finally came up with this solution by using quake hold.  Nice thing it can be removed and panels can be put back if someday I wish to do that.

How to fill void between frame and glass at One More Time

I just took some small pieces of the putty and placed it in the corners and in the middle of the each side of the glass.  In the above picture I left it like this only to was cleaned up from the sides and pushed in further so it wouldn't show.
adding white pitchers and white dishes at One More Time

Balancing the dining room with assures and painted picture frame at One More Time

To balance out the dark and the light,  I added some white floating shelves I dry brushed with some metallic glaze and added some small white pitchers and platters and embellished the shelves with some tan and brown floral pieces.

adding floating shelves at One More Time

On the right I used some metallic glazes and  painted the picture frame to tie in the grey and goldfish color in the table cloth, curtains and throw pillow.

Metallic glazed made by Martha Stewart painted frame at One More Time

On the small wall I added a sconce  that also ways painted with the metallic glazes.

glazed painted sconce at One More Time

Updated Dining room at One More Time

So... it may have been a pain to pack, remove and unpack, I am loving the results.  Loving the more simple and not so cluttered dining room.  Was it worth it?  Yes it was!!! Still so much more to do, but I do know some of the boxes will stay packed or donated to Mom!  What she doesn't want will be donated.

Just a short note to say "it pays to be the hands of the voice and ideas"!!  I get first pick!! Yes!!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Share It One More Time Party and Features

Share It One More Time Party and Features

Welcome to Share It One More Time at One More Time Events.   I would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter.   The party was filled with so many great projects, ideas and recipes.   Thank you everyone that linked up!  You are what makes this a party!

Share it One More Time runs for a full week.

If you’re new here the rules of the party are simple. Please include a text link back to this party within your post. Each week I will be featuring around 5 plus projects from the party and will be using one of your pictures with a link back to your post. Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to this week! 
This weeks features 

Little Brags shared some serious cuteness alert real Easter bunny

Frenchie Creates shared her update with Milk Paint

Home Heart and Hand Shared her Anthropologie inspired Jersey Rosette

Old Things New Shared her daughter's Darling apartment

Yesterfood shared her Lemon Tassies

Grandparents Plus shared her Lemon Angel Pie

Congratulations to all that was featured!  Thank you so much for partying and sharing with One More Time Events.  You can grab your featured button from the top tab.

BYOP (bring your own projects and have some fun visiting the others.  By joining the party you give One More Time Events permission for your projects to be featured here Twitter, FB, Pinterest, G+

After you link up here don't forget to stop by and link up to these great
Bouquet of Talent by Life on Lakeshore Drive Sunday and Kathe with and E on Tuesday.

Life on Lakeshore Drive

Till Next Post…Xo Tammy

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Getting the most from your clearance purchases: Succulent Garden Centerpiece

Succulent Garden in Galvanized Tray

Getting the most from your clearance purchases

 When shopping, I am big on going straight to the clearance section first, before actually shopping the store and of course checking out the sales along the way.  While in the clearance section I always take in consideration, first the clearance price and then what can I do with it and will I be able to use it again.  There are a lot of times I am not sure what I will do with a particular item, but if I like it I will purchase it anyway, when the price is right.   There are things that I have picked up and haven't actually used and it has sat in my craft room, but  then an idea will come around and sure enough I will use it.

Planting a Faux Succulent garden at One More Time

Have you passed up something you really liked and was a great price,  but didn't because it was the wrong color?

Don't over look items that are not the right color, there is always paint.
if it is ceramic, glass ... I just mix up some chalk paint with the color I want it to be.
I have used acrylic paints and sample paints to save on cost which are only a couple of bucks.
And of course there is always spray paint.

Here is an example of buying something on clearance, just because I love succulents dead or alive.
These succulents were actually in the Christmas clearance. (I haven't used them for Christmas decorating)

I have used them in a Spring arrangement creating a bouquet and placing them in a birch branch

Spring Arrangement using faux succulents at One More Time
Spring Table Centerpiece

And here I am using them in a centerpiece on the patio table.
Faux succulent garden at One More Time

Here is an example of buying something I like and not sure what I was going to do with them.
I purchased 3 (all three for around $20) of these adorable galvanized trays with rope handles, I have used them on the mantel I did for Valentines Day and now with spring and summer  months approaching us I decided to use the smallest one to plant a faux succulent garden, the other two will be used as serving trays for outdoor entertaining.

Planting Faux Succulents in galvanized tray at One More Time

Decorating and using Galvanized trays at One More Time

Patio centerpiece with succulents at One More Time

 While still  getting the most use from these succulents, and as I mentioned before in my last post on making Hydrangea bookend arrangements.  Most all my arrangements are semi permanent and this one is no different…never knowing what I will want to make next with the succulents and what I will want to use these galvanized trays for later.

Creating a succulent centerpiece for outdoors at One More Time

Using foam blocks to fill the entire bottom of the tray

How to make a faux succulent garden in galvanized tray at One More Time
add  moss  to cover the foam blocks

Using faux succulents at One More Time

 place the succulents on top of moss 
arrange your succulents to creating a succulent centerpiece.  
(I did add a couple of other  faux succulents I had to mix it up a bit).

Decorating with succulents for patio table at One More Time

I love how they look so real…so real that Mr. OMT asked if they were…I had to laugh…his response was well… I didn't know if I should water them or not….to cute!!!!
I know this post was a bit long, but I really wanted to share with you all how you can get the most from clearance items and how you can create, change and use them in different ways…

Lemon and Strawberry detox drink at One More Time

Sorry Mom!  (Those of you that don't know…while I am unable to type for a long period of time… my
 does the typing for me)  isn't she beautiful!
my beautiful mom at One More Time
My hands, My Mom!  Love her!

P.S. This is Mom, just wanting to keep in touch with all of you.  I still enjoy having the hands behind the ideas and projects. This is a very enjoyable way to do something with your retirement time!! Love it!
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 Till Next Post…Xo Tammy

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Welcome to the Thursday Social Media Blog Hop!

Welcome to the Thursday Social Media Blog Hop!

  We are so happy to be joining together to bring you the  bloglovin' and social media Blog Hop to help grow our blogs.   It's always a great idea to have many ways for friends to follow your blog. 
Last week was so much fun adding all of the social media sites, that we are going to continue with all the social media ways to follow!   More sites means more followers!  Friends can hop on over to visit your blog.   
A huge thank you to everyone who joined us last week.  We hope you made some new friends! 
Thank you for joining us in the huge blog hop blowout this week!  
Please follow each hostess, and leave us a comment so we can return the follow!   Please visit  at least 3 or 4 other links and share some bloggy love with your fellow bloggers!  
We have one more request!  Please return the follow of  those wonderful friends who take the time to follow you!  Pretty Please!!!

                                    Let's Connect Social Media blog hop

Please link up your bloglovin' follow link.  To find your URL, just click on your follow by bloglovin' button.  Copy and past the URL link.  That's all there is to it!  
Thank you so much for joining us!  We hope you make many new friends and followers each week.  
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3 Spring Mantel Ideas: Easy to make Hydrangea Arrangements

Keeping Spring Alive by Updating the Mantel 

Wanting to keep Spring around for the inside of the house for the rest of the season, I changed up the mantel with some Hydrangea floral arrangements.  Floral arrangements can be costly, but it doesn't have to be if you look for clearance items.  I found these bowls on clearance at Pier 1,  Hydrangea floral bunch and with a 40% off coupon, some floral foam, it was less than $25.00 to make both.  When making what I call "semi permanent" floral arrangements and the reason I call them semi permanent is because I like to re use, re purpose what I original used.

Spring mantel with hydrangea bookends at One More Time

For instance I don't cut off the stems of the floral bunch like these arrangements.  I wanted a low arrangement, so by  folding and curling up the stems I can later un-uncurl and straighten them later for possibly a taller arrangement.

supplies for hydrangea floral arrangements at One More Time

You will want to first cut your foam block to fit into whatever type of dish you are using,

steps to make floral arrangements at One More Time

add your larger pieces first, here I left  most of the leaves in tact only pulling the larger stems away for the larger stem

Making floral arrangements for Spring at One More Time

I like to use a glue gun mainly because here is that "Semi permanent" I talked about.  With hot glue it  holds and yet it can be easily removed later.  This way the bowl can be used later as well.

Filling in floral arrangements at One More Time

Once I had my  larger floral pieces where I  wanted them I then filled in the middle (bare spots) with some floral filler (which I had used in my earlier Spring mantel filling in some white pitchers and make a nest on some square vases I painted white which was  left over from some topiaries I had made.

Spring Tulip arrangements for Spring Mantel at One More Time

So here you can see…one, it doesn't have to cost a lot of money to make, update and use what you already have to transform one idea into another creating different arrangements and the bowl is also reusable to decorate with or simply wash it up and use for side dishes.

Decorating for spring with white pieces for Spring at One More Time

Another update to the mantel are my large final pieces I made from lamps and refinished fireplace screen that was painted with some mercury and medallion  metallic glazes.

Hydrangea bookend floral arrangements for spring at One More Time

Those of you that are new here to One More Time Events, the piece above the mantel is a foot board painted and embellished with some medallion pieces  which also serves as a shelf for the white plates.

Here are 3 ideas on how the mantle was decorated for Spring this season…
3 Spring Mantel Ideas: Easy to make Hydrangea Arrangements at One More Time Events.oom

Bottom middle: Keeping Spring for the rest of the season

Next before we know it…it will be Summer.

Do you change out your mantels through out a season as much as I have?   I guess you can say I just love Spring and the colors it brings through out the season.

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 Till Next Post…Xo Tammy

Hi again, Judy all know how I get some of the projects that she doesn't want anymore…..well…..the rearranging for the seasons with the floral arrangements is such a good idea, except for one problem….I never get the floral arrangements!! lol
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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Decorating with Decorative Knobs

Decorating with Decorative Knobs

A couple of weeks ago,  we had new carpet put in, and the living and dining room painted. It is taking me forever (can't do things like I use to… ) to  get things back together.   I am making some changes and down sizing on furniture and all the DIY projects that have accumulated  over the years that has turned into clutter…Time to de-clutter and do a little Spring cleaning!

This is a small project of how I am de-cluttering and getting organized.

I have had these baskets and all they did was sit empty, so to utilize them on the shelves and turn them into decorative pieces, I gave them a bit of a makeover.shelves on Entertainment center decorated at One More Time
 To lighten the baskets up they were painted with  Martha Stewart metallic glaze, the same glazes I used in some of my projects in my master bedroom makeover .  I used a sponge brush to get into the grooves of the basket.

supplies need to decorate square basket at One MoreTime

Supplies Needed:
Metallic Glaze (I used Martha Stewart Metallic Glaze)
Decorative knob (found at Hobby Lobby)
Sponge brush

With a sponge brush paint your basket (glazes do take some time to dry)
When basket is completely dried
find center of your basket
poke knob through the basket and fasten it...making sure it is tight to the basket.

Metallic Glaze by Martha Stewart added to baskets at One More Time

adding knobs to baskets at One More Time

I just love the look of these knobs… I also used them on another project I did recently as bottle stoppers on bottles.   I also used Martha Stewarts metallic glazes on them.

decorative baskets at One More Time

Decorating around the TV at One More Time

Like I said it is taking me forever to get things back in order, but here is what it looks like (for now) with the new baskets with knobs…the baskets now hold remotes, coasters and other small items, I don't want just laying around.  A new look with a little oranazation…. aww... just what was needed!   Do you find yourself as a DIY blogger…hoarding  every little project that you do, like I do?  I have now made a promise to myself…when I make a new project,  one of the old projects has to go.  Looks like my Mom's place is getting some new decorations!

     Till Next Post…Xo Tammy
Hi, you have heard about me a lot, I'm Judy, Tammy's Mother.  I have been the one that does the typing for her blog.  That is, with her telling me what to type.  I enjoy helping her, when they get her hands 'fixed', I hope I can still help her, as I'm retired, and this gives me something to do.

Today as I was typing her 'words', I got so excited when she said I was going to be getting a lot of  her  'old' projects!!  It was hard to listen to her after that, because I was arranging her 'old' projects in my house!!  LOL  Her 'old' projects will be my most treasured and new decorations!!

The hands behind the voice and ideas,


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House on the Way
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