Decorating with Decorative Knobs

Decorating with Decorative Knobs


Decorating with Decorative Knobs
A couple of weeks ago,  we had new carpet put in, and the living and dining room painted. It is taking me forever (can't do things like I use to… ) to  get things back together.   I am making some changes and down sizing on furniture and all the DIY projects that have accumulated  over the years that has turned into clutter…Time to de-clutter and do a little Spring cleaning!
This is a small project of how I am de-cluttering and getting organized.
I have had these baskets and all they did was sit empty, so to utilize them on the shelves and turn them into decorative pieces, I gave them a bit of a makeover.shelves on Entertainment center decorated at One More Time

 To lighten the baskets up they were painted with  Martha Stewart metallic glaze, the same glazes I used in some of my projects in my master bedroom makeover .  I used a sponge brush to get into the grooves of the basket.

supplies need to decorate square basket at One MoreTime

Supplies Needed:
Metallic Glaze (I used Martha Stewart Metallic Glaze)
Decorative knob (found at Hobby Lobby)
Sponge brush

With a sponge brush paint your basket (glazes do take some time to dry)
When basket is completely dried
find center of your basket
poke knob through the basket and fasten it…making sure it is tight to the basket.


Metallic Glaze by Martha Stewart added to baskets at One More Time




adding knobs to baskets at One More Time

I just love the look of these knobs… I also used them on another project I did recently as bottle stoppers on bottles.   I also used Martha Stewarts metallic glazes on them.

decorative baskets at One More Time




Decorating around the TV at One More Time

Like I said it is taking me forever to get things back in order, but here is what it looks like (for now) with the new baskets with knobs…the baskets now hold remotes, coasters and other small items, I don't want just laying around.  A new look with a little oranazation…. aww… just what was needed!   Do you find yourself as a DIY blogger…hoarding  every little project that you do, like I do?  I have now made a promise to myself…when I make a new project,  one of the old projects has to go.  Looks like my Mom's place is getting some new decorations!


     Till Next Post…Xo Tammy

Hi, you have heard about me a lot, I'm Judy, Tammy's Mother.  I have been the one that does the typing for her blog.  That is, with her telling me what to type.  I enjoy helping her, when they get her hands 'fixed', I hope I can still help her, as I'm retired, and this gives me something to do.

Today as I was typing her 'words', I got so excited when she said I was going to be getting a lot of  her  'old' projects!!  It was hard to listen to her after that, because I was arranging her 'old' projects in my house!!  LOL  Her 'old' projects will be my most treasured and new decorations!!


The hands behind the voice and ideas,

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  1. Excellent idea, both for practicality and for looks! So cute, and adds such fun detail. thanks for linking up at Sunday Soiree!

  2. Such a great idea to add the knobs. I always want to buy all the pretty ones I see at Hobby Lobby. Had to smile and laugh at your Mom's post script! Usually it works the other way for me ~ I pass things I'm getting rid of to my daughter. : )

  3. Great idea to spice up some plain baskets—and very easy! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the baskets. I have several around the house that don't quite match each other that would look cute with matching knobs. I love it that your Mom is such a wonderful part of your blog and life. Great to know that family spirit is alive and well.

  5. Love the baskets with the knobs. I also love that your mom helps you and is excited about " inheriting" your old projects! Makes me smile! Nice to meet you, Judy! ( how I miss my mom! )

  6. Hey- Those are sweet ideas with the basket and knobs and I LOVE the hands behind it all. Nice to meet you, Judy. I do work for one of my sons, too….I am the hands behind his quotes, etc. Love it- makes me feel useful and connected. xo Diana

  7. Love the baskets and the knobs are such a great touch. Your mom sounds super excited, I know she will love your projects. Hugs, Marty


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