A Rake isn’t Just for Raking!In one of my previous post,  I gave you a hint what project was going to be next,the hint was raking, well, that has been was put on hold for a bit…Mr. OMT thought going fishing was more important..Hmmm, how dare him hold up a diy projects for fishing…lol. Since we like to do most of our projects together, I guess I am will have not going  to wait on him to get back.  I think you all know that when you have an idea, “one must go for it”!  So, that is exactlly what I did.  OK,  patients isn’t my best feature! especially when I have an idea.  Am I the only one that is like this when it comes to DIY’ing?

I found this idea in the Flea Market Style magazine, love this magazine (I wasn’t paid in anyway to say  this,  soley my own opinion) , they have so many great inspiring ideas!  I thought it was such a cute and cleaver idea!  We don’t have a lot of places available for  hanging  baskets, so I thought this idea would be a perfect solution for hanging baskets.

A rake isn’t just for racking leaves, It also can be a garden stake to hold hanging baskets

Added some new flowers to the pot

I wanted to take it one step further, so I added a solor lantern light fixture.

I love this rack transformation. glad I din’t wait for Mr. OMT. 
No longer just a rake,  but now a  garden stake for hanging baskets and to “rake it up” it is also a solar light pole too!  How fun is that?

OK…moving on to the next project(s) Hint: maybe inside (wicker), maybe outside (pallet)????

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10 thoughts on “A RAKE ISN’T JUST FOR RAKING

  1. This is such a great idea!! So clever! We are so thrilled you shared it with us last week at Inspiration Friday and we hope to see you again this week. :-)<br />Vanessa<br />P.S. Have you ever shared any of your projects over at HomeTalk.com? This would be perfect with all of the outdoor inspiration over there right now! :-)

  2. HOLD MY PLACE RIGHT HERE..I HAVE TO GO GET MY POST HOLE DIGGERS AND START A RAKE PROJECT!!!<br />Sooooooooo simple, easy an luv it!<br />Just found you..will FOLLOW..come join me at LIKE GRAMMA&#39;S HOUSE blog when you can slow down and stay &quot;awhile&quot; [southern expression]<br /><br />Jonell

  3. I love this idea, how clever. Its seems like the simplest ideas are the most intriguing:) Now you made me think about looking for cool rakes:) Yes, I love blogging:) I get to talk about whatever subject I wish and kinda have a volunteer audience. Blog on! Thank you for sharing this super cute idea at Freedom Fridays!

  4. I&#39;m your new follower. Found you through Serenity Now&#39;s Weekend Bloggy LInk-up. Just yesterday, I cleaned out our rental house garage, and did not know what to do with the three vintage rakes that were left. Now I know exactly what I&#39;m going to do with them. I LOVE YOUR IDEA!!<br /><br />altered-artworks.blogspot.com

  5. This is just waaaay too cute. I love your awesome idea and you did a marvelous job on it…WITHOUT HIM ! YAY…way to go, girl.<br />I am now following you to see what other amazing ideas you come up with. :)<br />xo bj

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