A little about this chest of drawers and where it came from, this chest came from a friend that we have donated a lot to over the past few years, he is disabled and he sells at a local swap meet for a living, since he can not get help from the State…(sad, but true!)  a lot of unwanted stuff goes to him.  When this friend found out we are re-finishing and re-purposing furniture, he was gracious enough to bring us this piece.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do to it, A while back, I was so inspired by another blogger Recaptured Charm, if you haven’t seen her work you can see it here she does amazing work.  so, with the inspiration and loving the idea of a coffee station, Mr. OMT and I put our heads together and set out to create not only a coffee station, but a piece that would be multi functional.  This also could be used as a TV Stand, buffet, a stand alone piece for a entry way or how about a hamper/folding table?
We have chosen to use it as a coffee station,  mainly because we have very limited counter space and it is a perfect sized piece for the small  area we have.

OK… lets get this transformation going… we started out with a 3 drawer chest of drawers

and this coffee table found at the SA for $20  to be  used for the top of the station
 the chest of drawers was in very good shape and  no repairs were needed.
The first thing done was to remove the gold molding insert and the hardware (although, I like the hardware, we will re-purpose them later for something else)

Mr.OMT removed the the tracking and sides from the inside of the two bottom drawers and re-purposed this area by adding a  back, sides and bottom to to create a more open  storage area

the fronts were sanded

a soild piece of wood was added to the back of the two front drawer panels to create a one piece panel. Molding was added to give it a more finished appearance

filled  in the holes with wood putty

legs and base were routed to give it more detail

the entire chest was painted with Annie Sloan Old White Chalk paint 

molding was added to the front

The coffee table purchased at the Salvation Army was then taken apart and  the top was cut to size,  sanded and re-stained with Jacobean

the top was waxed and while this was drying

I,( Mrs. OMT) glazed the entire chest with Martha Stewart’s Living Muscovado metallic glaze

The coffee table top was then added

Gate hardware (which we had from a old gate) was added to the bottom for the drop down panel

Handles were add to the top drawer

and drop down panel.  Chains were added

Completed and ready for accessories and

try out different pieces… I am sure I will change things around again and again.
Mr.OMT is always saying “it is like always coming home to a new house” because I am always changing things around. 

The Brioche Molds hold the coffee filters,  if you want to see how this thrift store project  was made, you
can find it here Briche Molds .  The chicken holds packets of sugars

side view

Plenty of room for coffee cups

ok…really?…I know I can fill up this area with a lot more…HA
(napkins, tablecloths etc.)


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  1. Love your idea! I've been wanting something like this for my too small kitchen…now I'll be on the prowl for the "perfect" dresser. I've Pinned you!!

  2. Looks awesome! Such a great idea to use 2 pieces of furniture. I so wish I had space for something like this but, since I don&#39;t, I&#39;ll have coffee with you! :-)<br /><br />Pat

  3. I LOVE how this turned out!! And when I seen your thumbnail pic in the Savvy Southern Style party, with those hinges on the front, it triggered my memory that I HAD some small vintage hinges that I am now going to add to an end table that I&#39;m in the process of refinishing similar to your table.

  4. What a great idea! Love the coffee station. You&#39;ve been very industrious and creative. I&#39;m new to blogging and have enjoyed restoring some gorgeous little bits and pieces too! Still a lot to learn about Blog-land, linking partys, etc, etc… I hope you can visit my blog sometime.

  5. Yes! I&#39;ll take a cup of coffee!! I love your coffee station!<br /><br />This is a great use of two old pieces–great recycling! You and your hubby did a wonderful job. And isn&#39;t it wonderful to know that you&#39;ve put together such an awesome piece that you could always change the paint finish and/or hardware if you want yet another change? I love that about custom pieces–you can

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