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Summer Capzi Shell Arrangement

How to create a Capiz Floral Shell Centerpiece

Today I would like to share with you a summer centerpiece using what you may already have and some very inexpensive and recycled  items to crete and bring some  summer fun inside your home. 

A lot of you may have a shell collection and have probably placed them in  some sort of jar or bowl….why not display and arrange them in a floral arrangement in a  decorative bowl

arranging Capzi Shells at One More Time

To see more on how this was put together  you can visit Fine Craft Guild where I am honored to be a regular contributor every Monday

Rosette capzi Shell Arrangement at One More Time

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  1. Very nice! I like the Capiz shells shells lining the bottom of the container. They give a lovely delicate effect to the arrangement. You are really getting me inspired today..... Candy


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