Gardening with Unexpected Unique Planters



Gardening with Unexpected Unique Planters 

This past week I had a little time to finally get out into the back yard and do a little gardening and spruce up my window boxes that are placed above it.  This year because of the timing and weather we didn’t actually plant vegetables in our 3 tiered planter boxes, so instead it was filled with some flowers, purple sage and lavender, which I am very excited about.  Today I would like to share with you how I added some unexpected planter ideas.


While we were on vacation visiting good friends of ours this cute  planter with a water faucet spout was given to me.  Instead of placing it on the patio somewhere I thought it would be cute and bring a little character to the planter boxes.



Some of you may have seen this wine bottle rack in my home, when we had the living/dining room painted it didn’t make it back to the wall, it found it’s place in the garden instead.  In place of the bottles  it was filled with  a couple of Antique Glass Insulators which at one time they were used as Bud Vases.

A couple of other  items that took place in the flower garden was a couple of  metal candle holders that now are being used as plant stands.





And finally to give the wooden box windows a new look a couple of mason jars were filled and place in a bottle holder next to a  small wire basket.  The other window box  was filled with an oblong wire basket 



 I love lavender and the colors the flowers bring to the 3 tiered raised beds .  Will share more on the garden itself later.
 I am patiently waiting for the lavender to take bloom …I can’t wait …so many things I want to do with it.

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