DIY Summer Shell Vignette



DIY Summer Shell Vignette

Hi, Last week I shared  how I put together my DIY Seashell Centerpiece with capiz shells, sand and glass over at Fine Craft Guild and this week I would like to bring you part 2 of my seashell summer centerpiece  Vignette using fishing net in three different ways  with only one package of netting, 3 cylinder vases, shells and mother of pearl filler. To see how this was all put together you can visit Fine Craft Guild where I share and contribute every Monday.   I hope you enjoy it as much as I did putting it together.


Decorating in Cylinder vases at One More Time


using shells and drift wood in glass vases at One More Time Events.comArranging Shells for a summer vignette at One More Time


Till Next Post…Xo Tammy


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12 thoughts on “DIY Summer Shell Vignette

  1. you're so creative! Every little detail is beautiful and makes my summer heart sing! (love the map in the coffee table too!) Thanks for linking your brilliance! ox

    1. Thank you so much!!! I am glad you like the map… this coffee table is so much fun,..I have displayed all kinds of thing in it…like runners, corks and the latest the map. Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment…Tammy

  2. This is really lovely. Love how the fishing net mixes with the beachy feel of the shells and the colors look wonderful where you have them placed. Fun that you have it over the map, signaling the spirit of travel. Where do you get mother-of-pearl filler?

  3. Lovely composition with the shells, the containers, and the placement on the table top. Thank you for the inspiration. I have been staring at my shell collection for several weeks trying to get inspired to start a nice vignette for the dining table. I feel like I have a great direction to go in now!!!

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