3 Spring Mantel Ideas: Easy to make Hydrangea Arrangements


3 Spring Mantel Ideas: Easy to make Hydrangea Arrangements

Keeping Spring Alive by Updating the Mantel 

Wanting to keep Spring around for the inside of the house for the rest of the season, I changed up the mantel with some Hydrangea floral arrangements.  Floral arrangements can be costly, but it doesn't have to be if you look for clearance items.  I found these bowls on clearance at Pier 1,  Hydrangea floral bunch and with a 40% off coupon, some floral foam, it was less than $25.00 to make both.  When making what I call "semi permanent" floral arrangements and the reason I call them semi permanent is because I like to re use, re purpose what I original used.
Spring mantel with hydrangea bookends at One More Time Events.com
For instance I don't cut off the stems of the floral bunch like these arrangements.  I wanted a low arrangement, so by  folding and curling up the stems I can later un-uncurl and straighten them later for possibly a taller arrangement.
supplies for hydrangea floral arrangements at One More Time Events.com


You will want to first cut your foam block to fit into whatever type of dish you are using,

steps to make floral arrangements at One More Time Events.com

add your larger pieces first, here I left  most of the leaves in tact only pulling the larger stems away for the larger stem
Making floral arrangements for Spring at One More Time Events.com
I like to use a glue gun mainly because here is that "Semi permanent" I talked about.  With hot glue it  holds and yet it can be easily removed later.  This way the bowl can be used later as well.
Filling in floral arrangements at One More Time Events.com


Once I had my  larger floral pieces where I  wanted them I then filled in the middle (bare spots) with some floral filler (which I had used in my earlier Spring mantel filling in some white pitchers and make a nest on some square vases I painted white which was  left over from some topiaries I had made.
Spring Tulip arrangements for Spring Mantel at One More Time Events.com

So here you can see…one, it doesn't have to cost a lot of money to make, update and use what you already have to transform one idea into another creating different arrangements and the bowl is also reusable to decorate with or simply wash it up and use for side dishes.

Decorating for spring with white pieces for Spring at One More Time Events.com



Another update to the mantel are my large final pieces I made from lamps and refinished fireplace screen that was painted with some mercury and medallion  metallic glazes.

Hydrangea bookend floral arrangements for spring at One More Time Events.com
Those of you that are new here to One More Time Events, the piece above the mantel is a foot board painted and embellished with some medallion pieces  which also serves as a shelf for the white plates.

Here are 3 ideas on how the mantle was decorated for Spring this season…

3 Spring Mantel Ideas: Easy to make Hydrangea Arrangements at One More Time Events.oom
Bottom middle: Keeping Spring for the rest of the season
Next before we know it…it will be Summer.
Do you change out your mantels through out a season as much as I have?   I guess you can say I just love Spring and the colors it brings through out the season.



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Hi again, Judy here…you all know how I get some of the projects that she doesn't want anymore…..well…..the rearranging for the seasons with the floral arrangements is such a good idea, except for one problem….I never get the floral arrangements!! lol

13 thoughts on “3 Spring Mantel Ideas: Easy to make Hydrangea Arrangements

  1. Oh Tammy it looks gorgeous !<br />Is that a headboard over the mantel? If it is, you&#39;re absolutely brilliant my friend – it&#39;s sheer perfection!!!<br />XOXO

  2. Oh my goodness……….I love everything about this…….all the white with those touches or pink and green, just<br />so delightful, love the idea of the headboard about the mantle with the plates. Look charming and so lovely.<br />Says spring to me……….<br />Blessings, Nellie

  3. Tammy, I love all three of your mantels.. you always put together the most beautiful vignettes and those large finial pieces are unbelievable… I read that post and am now going to have to look for some more lamps to try this…you definitely keep me inspired, lol….

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