Winter Vignettes and Making Space for the New Year



Winter Vignettes


Make Space for the New Year
Have you recently found yourself looking around your home and asking “where did all this stuff come from”? The chances are, you are not alone. The amount of objects and possessions we amass over a given year is surprisingly substantial, and this is only  accelerated over the festive period with the purchasing of gifts. Of course, being surrounded by all this 'stuff' can have a very claustrophobic effect. So consider these great ways to maximise your living space and start 2014 with a clear mind and a clear home.


Winter Vignettes in Living Room


Do Away With Clutter!
A great way to begin the New Year is to take stock of all the objects in your home. Have a good look around your home and try to organize your possessions by deciding on the things you do and don't need. This isn't to say that you should get rid of gifts you've been given over the festive period (unless they are particularly bad ones!), but you can certainly look to clear away all the festive detritus along with any other bits and pieces that no longer have a purpose or don't see very much use. You can either donate these items to a local charity shop or indeed recoup some of the financial losses of Christmas by having a yard sale. 
Space-Saving Furniture
If you live in a relatively small home, then the chances are that simply doing away with clutter might not free up a massive amount of space. For people in this position, space-saving beds, such as those from  Metal Beds Ltd, can be a God send. If you have young kids who currently have standard beds in their room or rooms, investing in a classic bunk or twin storage beds instead can free up a lot of room to facilitate extra storage. Storage beds have a hollowed out base, often with drawers, which allows for any number of possessions to be stored safely, away from your general living area. These are also available in adult size as well. However, If you already have these in use or if you don't want to substitute your current bed for something perhaps less luxurious, you can of course stack storage boxes in the corner of your room. These now come in a number of styles made to suit the décor of your home, therefore they won't look out of place against the other furniture in your room. 
Space to Usher in the New Year 

We always collect extra possessions throughout the year. But by clearing away unwanted clutter and investing in space-saving furniture, you can start 2014 with a clear home and a clear mind. 

Moving, shuffling, reusing and changing things up a bit is what I always find myself doing after the holidays.


 Wanting to keep a little winter around I left the snowflake runner in the coffee table, added some cylinder twine wrapped vases filled with my winter potporri and some orbs I chalk painted a while back


On the other side of the coffee table I added a small boxwood, partridges on top of an old book next to a small decor carrying case that hides the remotes to the TV.  Do you hide your remotes?

Behind the couch is our old antique sewing machine that serves as a sofa table. Keeping it simple with some spools of twine, Bird cage decorated with some plaster of paris flowers for some color.  Keeping it natural I added a birch branch in front of a vintage lamp.  Do you find yourself changing things up after the holidays?  Would love to see them, Share it One More Time Party is still open
come by and share your updates or anything from the past that you are most proud of.



Till Next Post…Xo Tammy 

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