Balancing Trendy and Timeless 2014



Balancing Trendy and Timeless in 2014

With the New Year finally here, no doubt there will be a massive surge amongst homemakers to update their home décor and interior design. And of course it makes sense; new year, new approach. But the ushering in of 2014 need not incite a total abandonment of our interior design look for 2013, or an out-and-out disregard for classic styles as we cling wholeheartedly to the emerging trends of 2014. Instead, make 2014 all about balancing the trendy with the timeless.

Kitchen Table makeover
Finding the Balance
Ok, so there’s a lot of truth in the belief that you shouldn’t simply just drastically reinvent your home décor every year according to emerging trends in furniture, lighting, interior design etc. After all, some styles and approaches don’t need to be tampered with year after year (a gorgeous  Fortune Woods solid oak table will never go out of style for example). But by the same token, if you simply stick with the same style, the same furniture, the same fittings, the same accessories and the same lighting year after year, you are going to get bored eventually! No matter how much you might feel that you have attained ‘perfection’ with your interior design motif of 2013, it cannot possibly hold your interest forever. We are human beings after all, and even the most set-in-their-ways individual craves variety in some shape or form. So from a design (as well as a sanity) perspective, it is essential to find a balance between both old and new, familiar and unfamiliar, trendy and timeless.
Maintain the Balance
There is no reason to feel that you must totally revolutionise your home design this year. But by the same token, don’t just let it fester. By sticking with a timeless overall motif and altering the things that won’t be excruciatingly difficult or expensive to change back, you’ll be on your way to balancing trendy and timeless in 2014.

Looking back at some post and seeing how just a little paint and accessories changed the whole look of of the living room and kitchen.   I thought it would be fun to show how things changed over the past two years.




Timeless for Fixed Elements, Trendy for Accessories
Trends and fads change constantly in home design. In the 1970s for example, much of home décor was about  colour, and lots of it. Greens, yellows, oranges, pinks and reds became de rigueur for post-hippy era households. And today, this look is very kitsch and probably considered quite trendy by some. But how was it viewed in the intervening years? Probably not with high regard. And how will it be viewed in years to come? With similar scorn no doubt. The point is that it is important to confine potentially fleeting stylistic trends to aspects of your interior design that will not be very costly and time-consuming to change. There’s nothing wrong with 1970s kitsch home décor, if that is your thing. But maybe consider a set of original 70s cups and saucers as an alternative to transforming your whole home into  Austin Powers love nest!




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  1. What fun to see the changes you have made. I do think if you stick with good basics that you love you can change the little things around them and have a new look but still keep what your heart loves and desires. Great post-xo Diana

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