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Room for Cream?

Would you like me to leave extra room for cream?

This cute milk carrier and milk bottles come from my Dad.   He was going to donate them, but thought he would ask me, if I wanted them first...Well..YES!! I want them!! not sure what or where I was going to put them, so they sat in my workshop room for a while, until I had a aw ha!  moment, I could put them on the new .."Coffee Station"  duh!  You can see the Coffee Station here
Even though I thought they were cute the way the were.  Me being Me... can't leave anything plain, decided to add words to the bottles using rub-ons

When I pulled out the rub-on's, I discovered I was missing the capital "M" ,so what do you do?
use the capital "W" and turn it upside down!
Only had one capital "H"  I arranged the words using the "H" to serve for both words.  I arranged the letters "a n d" away from the middle...didn't want it to read "Half  Hand  Half" lol...really don't think anyone would want to add that to their coffee!


and if adding the words wasn't enough?  Those that have been following me,
  I am obsessed with burlap!  

(a must) burlap milk caps 


new addition to Coffee Station! 

Room for Cream?
I made these tonight when I got home, you know how it is?  No matter how tired you are, when you get an idea, you JUST have to go with it.  Right?
I love how they look on the new Coffee Station.

(if you didn't know it, I am a die hard Starbucks girl! )

Found this on the  Internet: (source unknown) Starbucks sayings.

i talked to a stranger for an hour over coffee. we are not strangers any longer.
Starbucks sayings 2010.

 One More Time's saying is...
"I blogged with a stranger for an hour over coffee, we are not strangers any longer!
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What is a chair to do, when it's used as a doggie chew?

 OK, I am a little embarrassed to be showing these pictures, one it's not going to be pretty (not the dog)  and  I can't tell you how many times I have cleaned these chairs!  But, I wouldn't be able to share this post with you, if I didn't share, now would I?  These chairs are used a lot, can you tell? It all started with my mom's  little darling DD.  When she was just a little puppy she came for a visit and helped herself to a little chewing of the chair arm!

No... not me!  I wouldn't do that...just look at this face...really?

 I am not a big fan of the whole doilies over the back and arms thing and since new chairs are not in the budget right now,  what is a girl to do, besides be embarrassed when company comes?

We just happen to have a throw laying around that matched quite nicely and even though it kept you warm on those cold nights it was starting to look like a good candidate for the chairs,  but now here is the question?  Cut it up and make back and arm covers? keep warm? or be embarrassed?  Well, I chose to cut it up and save the embarrassment. 
and by looking at this picture, it could use another good cleaning!
I cut the throw in half and with each half,  I was able to cover both arms and the back of both chairs

I know what I will be doing this weekend....did you guess?  yes, cleaning these chairs AGAIN!

Here is a little secret to making a faux covered button.  I cut out a circle from a scrap of the throw and placed a flattened bottle cap in the middle, this also adds some weight to hold down arm covers. I ran a stitch around the edge of fabric and pulled it tightly around the flat cap.  Do you remember the fabric yo-yo's? 

 sorry... I couldn't get a good close up  picture, but you get the jest of it right?

so... here is where the 3 of us, Mr. OMT, our little dog Peanut and I,
sit most nights. The end table will soon be replaced, I will share that post later, in other words we are still working on it...hint; it's a old singer sewing machine bottom...

Thanks for visiting!

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One More Eggs-tra Spring Arrangement

One More Eggs-tra Spring Arrangement

I would like to share one more eggs-tra spring arrangement I created today.  A while back I shared a project we did using the other two antique drawers I found at a local thrift store here. and today I used the other two for this spring arrangement
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Spring Egg Arrangement at One More Time 

the spring arrangement is made with burlap, twine and raffia, moss and toilet paper rolls

Burlap wrapped toilet paper rolls holding eggs for Spring Arrangement at One More Time

One More Eggs-tra Spring Arrangement at One More Time 
Woodland Spring Arrangement at One More Time
found  this could not resist bunny at Joann's.  Isn't he cute?
Burlap ideas for Spring Arrangement at One More Time 
One More Spring Arrangement  using Antique Sewing machine Drawers at One More Time
He goes perfect with the antique sewing drawers
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Thank you for stopping by everybunny and I hope you all have an eggs-tra nice week.
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A New Addition To Our Kitchen

Hi Everyone, I hope you are having a great week so far.  Over the weekend I had a lot of fun puttering  around the kitchen.  I am loving our new coffee station that was completed over the weekend,  if you missed that post see it Here I am so happy how useful it really has turned out to be  and how it has helped free up counters and cupboard space.   I think I have rearranged the coffee station a million times...
 new coffee station fits perfect and so useful
hung these plates found at a local thrift store, thinking they need something,
maybe stencil some silverware on them..hmmm going to think on that one or maybe some words, numbers or  saying?

The ceramic pieces were painted by my mom...I love them, so bright and

since we don't have much cabinet space...this pot rack was a must
 I am not a big fan of this table and chairs...we found this set at Mathis Bros. Love that store.  The one I wanted was not within the budget and Mr. OMT stood his ground,  so I had to settle on this one...they originally came with a camel color seat, it looked too much like couch material.  So, when MR. OMT was on one of his fishing trips, I recovered them before he got home  HA.. I recovered them with table cloth found at Home Goods.  Yep ...I'm just like that.  I did receive an eye roll when he got home...but as always he got over it and finally admitted he likes it. HA
the colors coordinated perfect with the valances.  Valances were purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond in their Clearance section,  they were not the size I needed, but nothing that couldn't be fixed hemmed and  with what was left over covered two it when that happens!
 I am still not a big fan of this set, but by recovering the seats helped. 
What do you think?

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A little about this chest of drawers and where it came from, this chest came from a friend that we have donated a lot to over the past few years, he is disabled and he sells at a local swap meet for a living, since he can not get help from the State...(sad, but true!)  a lot of unwanted stuff goes to him.  When this friend found out we are re-finishing and re-purposing furniture, he was gracious enough to bring us this piece.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do to it, A while back, I was so inspired by another blogger Recaptured Charm, if you haven't seen her work you can see it here she does amazing work.  so, with the inspiration and loving the idea of a coffee station, Mr. OMT and I put our heads together and set out to create not only a coffee station, but a piece that would be multi functional.  This also could be used as a TV Stand, buffet, a stand alone piece for a entry way or how about a hamper/folding table?
 We have chosen to use it as a coffee station,  mainly because we have very limited counter space and it is a perfect sized piece for the small  area we have.

OK... lets get this transformation going... we started out with a 3 drawer chest of drawers
and this coffee table found at the SA for $20  to be  used for the top of the station
 the chest of drawers was in very good shape and  no repairs were needed.  
The first thing done was to remove the gold molding insert and the hardware (although, I like the hardware, we will re-purpose them later for something else) 

Mr.OMT removed the the tracking and sides from the inside of the two bottom drawers and re-purposed this area by adding a  back, sides and bottom to to create a more open  storage area 

the fronts were sanded

a soild piece of wood was added to the back of the two front drawer panels to create a one piece panel. Molding was added to give it a more finished appearance

 filled  in the holes with wood putty

legs and base were routed to give it more detail
the entire chest was painted with Annie Sloan Old White Chalk paint

 molding was added to the front

The coffee table purchased at the Salvation Army was then taken apart and  the top was cut to size,  sanded and re-stained with Jacobean

the top was waxed and while this was drying

 I,( Mrs. OMT) glazed the entire chest with Martha Stewart's Living Muscovado metallic glaze

The coffee table top was then added 

Gate hardware (which we had from a old gate) was added to the bottom for the drop down panel

 Handles were add to the top drawer

and drop down panel.  Chains were added

Completed and ready for accessories and

try out different pieces... I am sure I will change things around again and again.
 Mr.OMT is always saying "it is like always coming home to a new house" because I am always changing things around.

The Brioche Molds hold the coffee filters,  if you want to see how this thrift store project  was made, you
can find it here Briche Molds .  The chicken holds packets of sugars

side view

Plenty of room for coffee cups

ok...really?...I know I can fill up this area with a lot more...HA
(napkins, tablecloths etc.)

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