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Project Mom-Mom Kitchen Re-do...Getting the Project Going

If you have been following along, you know we are giving Mom-Mom's place a face lifting, up-doing and re-doing! If you have just joined us, you can go to her tab Project Mom-Mom to find out all about her and this project.
So, now the fun begins we are starting in her kitchen.
The Kitchen is usually the most used room in a home, however in this case
 there isn’t much cooking going on in this one (sorry...Mom-Mom), but she does make a mean goulash, when she does cook. Yummy!
The kitchen is one of the first things you see when walking into her place.

 She spends a lot of her time, in the dining room, at the table with her friends, making cards for our troops (Bless them!) so, we decided to start in the kitchen/dining area first and then next will be a craft/office room, see the room on the left?  this will be her craft/office room.   She will have more space and all her stuff will be organized and not all over the dining room. 
some of this stuff on her table came from the kitchen,  it's not normally this messy!

OK...let's get this ball rolling.. first we removed the cabinet doors and drawers cleaned them with

TSP-PF...good stuff!

Mom-Mom wanted to replace all the hardware with new... we decided on glass knobs and drawer pulls.  Not wanting to spend  $75.00 on just knobs and drawer pulls and not to mention she still would have to still  purchase hinges...she decided, she still wanted to look around for a better price.  BUT..."I have an Idea" let's just paint the existing hardware?  she was still not convinced, but me being me and knowing she really couldn't afford to replace it all, Mr. OMT and I started doing a  little DIY'ing

 Mind you the cabinets are painted black.   We will be hanging the cabinet fronts and adding the hardware this weekend. 
 I decided silver would work best with the look I am trying to create around Mom-Mom's personality.  Leaving the knobs silver will give it more of a contemporary feel, but since Mom-Mom is kind of a glitzy kind of gal…I suggested we add some bling in her kitchen and of coarse, me knowing my Mom so well, she was all over that idea…lol, bling, bling. 
So, to change the appearance of the silver knobs I added gems to the fronts of them giving them a look of glass knobs…the handles were purchased at Hobby Lobby at 50 % off , Mr. OMT painted the hinges silver and now with the bling and the newly painted hinges against the freshly painted black cabinets this kitchen is really going to shine! I can hardly wait for this weekend so it can be all put together…It’s going to be beautiful! 
Now, the hardware only cost her around $25.00 instead of $75.00 plus!
Things still in order
Faux roman shades
Back plates
New light fixture (already purchsed we are going to change color of metal)
DIY projects
Built in's for storage
Have I mentioned that I am having so much fun doing this? I will let you in on a little secret... I really want to go into staging homes business,  I recently took an online class and now I am taking an Interior design class, so this really came at great time!
  Lucky me and hopefully a happy Mom-Mom!

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Family Is Everything


So...this was the final Sunday project that was done, but before I get into that,  I want to share some exciting news...well... exciting to me anyway... so, bare with me, while I toot my own horn...toot toot!  I was getting ready to do this post and I decided to check my stats clicked on a blog in the traffic source to find out that I had been featured on her blog....Happy Dance!  This is the second time we have been featured!   I am so, very excited and thankful!  I have only really been seriously blogging for 2 months and I can't tell you how happy and excited I am with it and the wonderful blogging friends I have meet,  All I can say is,  discovering blogging has been one of  the best healing things that could have ever happened to me, especially at this time, without going all up into my personal business...let's just say (some real troubling times)  I believe the Lord led me here and I also believe he has big  plans for me!  He laid  this all out and I didn't even realize it... if you go to my first post you can see I didn't even touch it for about a year. I am not sure what happened, but something kept  telling me to look back into this blogging more seriously.   Things just started happening and every time I turned around He would lay out another opportunity and it was usually through someones blog post...I would be thinking, " I wish I knew how too..or I wish I could..."  and when I would open a post...there it was!  God is Good,  so is family and I am thankful for each and everyone of them and feel blessed to have them.

OK... sorry, got a little carried away there..but really felt lead to share that with all of you. for the actual post.: "Family is Everything" and it starts with these words...I had this for about 2 years now and Mr. OMT suggested we get the stairwell wall done.  He didn't know I had this vinyl wording , so while he was out painting the frames I hung this up.  When he came in and saw it he got tears in his eyes awww...if he know I was posting this he would be so embarrassed.  You know he is one of those tough guys...NOT

Mr. OMT started painting the frames...

And I started laying the pictures of our loved one's creating some kind of pattern.

so here,  we created a wall gallery of all the one's we love going up the stair case

 We love it, every time we go up or down the stairs,  we are reminded how blessed we are!
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A bowl full of Lemons
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Hi, I promised yesterday a continuation of our Sunday "How to Create A Entertainment Center"
This is what she looked like before....looks  a little lost doesn't she? Makes a 50" look like a 24" screen ...If, only I could do that to my waist 24" ha ha,  maybe in another life time!
OK, so lets see how we can help her fit in....

The stand was purchased at Walmart...

Added some shelfs to both sides.  These came from Bed Bath and Beyond they were on sale and with a 20% coupon and left over  gift card from our wedding, they ended up costing $20.00 for both....also they shipped them right to the house for free, because the didn't have any in stock...and I must say the customer service was excellent! No, I didn't get paid to say that.
 She looks a little better, but...a little topless?
how embarrassing (blush)

Gave her top piece to save her some embarrassment... molding was added...
the smallest details...make such difference
Much, Much better!

She fits right in.... doesn't she? 
Here are some of the outfits she wears...she changes often!
Here are some of her current outfits...

These came from the Salvation Army...$1.17 a piece
I really think I have a thing for finials...

Love all things natural...
 A good friend collected all of these for me, she also, thought I was nuts for asking her! 

Another find for $1.17 a good deal!

Found this for $7.00

So, by adding a couple of shelves to the sides, a top shelf and a strip of molding...WOW...she is stylin now!
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It's Sunday evening and we have finally settled down for the evening.  ALL,  I can say is "WOW" what a day it has been.  We woke up this morning  as usual with the Sunday paper and a cup of coffee, but before I knew it we were like a whirl wind of diy projects, one right after the other.  First, I started working on a project for project Mom-Mom, I have been wanting to use chalk paint and found this make your own chalk paint on the internet...well, this didn't go so well, no matter how much I stirred, shook and stirred again it still was very gritty.  Me being me and not wanting to give up, thinking I am going to make this work...NOT!


so...this is what it called for...

 I finally gave up and just spray painted it white.."Don't Be A Quiter"
I stopped and read one of my favorite blogs thinking,  I really needed a break and as it turns out,  looks like I am not the only one that had a flop with chalk paint  project.

This  attempt to stencil, didn't work out so well either...really did I REALLY  think this was going to be easy?  I found out it's not! Stenciling on a round object was not the brightest thing I have ever tried to do!  Needless to say it bleed through and made a complete mess! Ended up putting this away for a bit..."I have another idea"

 So, when all else fails...make lemonade, strawberry lemonade....

So...moving on with our day, Mr. OMT summons me to the back yard to catch the lemons while he picked them, It's a good thing I played baseball in my younger days...and yes,  you guessed it... the position I played was catcher...HA!

Pretty!  Anyone ready for Spring?  I am!

Here is what I used to make Strawberry Lemonade
4 Lemons freshly squeezed
1 can frozen Strawberry daiquiri mix
4 cans of water using empty daiquiri container
1 cup of sugar
Pour over ice and serve

Mr. OMT said it was the best Strawberry Lemonade he has ever had!
 You all know the get to your mans heart is thru his tummy...right?   Would love to know if you make this, how you liked it? I told you we were like a whirl wind of diy's, but it's past 8:00pm and 4:00am comes way to early so I will share the rest of our sunday during the week....till then, you can look forward to:


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Desk Top Teachers Chalkboard

Hi Everyone, I hope your weekend is going good so far!  Ugh...only one more day and it's back to work...OK,  sounds like some one's glass is half empty...oh wait... that would be me!  Really, I am thankful I have a job!    Would rather fill my glass up being creative and blogging, but for some reason those bills just won't go away...

I wanted to share this fun little project Mr. OMT and I created...It started out as a picture frame. Added some 6" rulers to the frame and Mr. OMT custom made chalk holder out of a dowel from an old chair we had...I must say I do think Mr. OMT is quite creative!   Wouldn't you say?   He seems to always wow me!  All I asked for was a little tray to hold the chalk and when I got home from work,  this is what he came up with... I am impressed, but everything he does, usually does impress me! 
This item will be placed in our Esty shop soon.
Thanks for stopping by and letting us share what we love and love doing.
  We would love to have you follow us... or you can always subscribe by email. 
 Have a wonderful week!
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Screen Guard...What Not....Waste Not!

Screen Guard Turned into Wall Art

 I wanted to share another DIY project with you for Project Mom-Mom.  I am  not one to waste anything that can be re-used or re-purposed.    This peacock screen guard was on Mom-Mom's front door and it fell off...there is actually two of them, but I can't figure out how to get the other one off without ripping her screen.  She plans on getting a new screen so, I will have to wait until then.  I would like to use both of them,  not sure where their new home will be yet, but wanted to share the idea.
It was already painted white, but with white walls and Mom-Mom not wanting to change the color of her walls (shh, still working on her about that).   I do like white, but  there is just too much white in her place right now (sorry Mom), but it is her place and it's my job to do as my mother tells me, right?   

It was painted the color she decided to use as a accent color.
The Shabby Nest
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Staging It Up A Bit

Hello everyone...In a previous post I had mentioned we are going to be working on a HUGE project called Project Mom-Mom.  This weekend we started Project Mom-Mom, although I am still working on the write up for this, which I am very excited to share with you, I am not quite there yet.  We are starting in the kitchen and while the paint on the cabinets were drying a bit I did a little staging in Mom-Mom's living room.
she had purchased this faux fireplace. 
The placement being almost to the edge of the wall, seemed a little out of place...

The picture was purchased at Hobby Lobby  love the picture, but the table with the lamp...hmmm..lamp shade really kind of takes away from not a big fan of tables with lamps attached...just saying. This area looked a bit un-done.    I move the faux firepace and removed the table...

  between the two chairs to give it more of a actual sitting area.  I think it gives it a more cozy feeling!  what do you think

Dressed up her mantle a bit

I am suppose to be staying in one area of the place ( per MR. OMT, which is probably a real good idea), but I can't just sit still,  when you get a just have to go for it...  So...what do you think? I have more ideas for the the fireplace....but for now (before I get in trouble....hahaha), I have to get back into Mom-Mom's kitchen.  Yes...Mr. OMT...Dear, I am coming!!!
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Gone Fishing Tablescape


For Mr. OMT's birthday, since he LOVES fishing!   A Gone fishing themed party was a must.    
It was a surprise birthday party.  Yes, he was actually surprised...I still don't know how I pulled it off....for starters, when I brought this pallet home...he looked at me a little funny asking "Why would you bring a pallet home?"  I anwered with my famous last words " I have a idea".   Mr.OMT..(eye roll) ...Now what?  I am going to make a sign with it, you will see!  Mr. OMT... You are going to hang a pallet on the WALL?   Yes...seen this idea and you will like it... Mr. OMT  Whatever. 
 Whew got away with that one..Ha! So as you can see in above picture, it was actually used for a deck for the tablescape. 


Here is the second item that raised MR. OMT's curiosity.  Thinking he never goes in his truck tool box I hid this sign and the lantern in there...well...I am sure you have already guessed it...Yes he went in tool box and found it, he brought it in and asked what are these for?  OHHH dear...boy did I have to  think fast...Uhhhh..., they are for the cabin.   He bought it... HA!

When he read the sign he asked me...Honey, isn't this a little conceded?  My answer to that,  was I guess, but are you saying it isn't true?    Well, he did a little back stroke on words on that one...He answered "Yes"  it's  true, you are the best catch... (Good Answer Dear!)   He must be telling the truth he now has it hanging in the garage over ALL his poles. 

The table was set with lots of fishing gear, netting  was used as a back drop, curiel was used to hold paper plates
and a sign "GONE FISHING" 
 Hope you all enjoyed this tablescape and post as much as I did doing it and telling you all about it.   The best part  I "reeled" in a great catch myself.....Mr. OMT!
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