Grapevine Wreath Bird Bath and Tutorial


Grapevine Wreath Bird Bath
I have had these pieces for some time now, the bowl has a rounded bottom,  so I am assuming it  had a base it sat in, when I bought it at local thrift shop I wasn’t sure what I would do with it just liked it, so it sat for some time now, waiting and searching to find a base that it would fit into.  The wreath I picked up the other week on the intentions of making some kind of summer wreath for the door.  Well things changed when I  got this idea to make a bird bath to hang from our apricot tree.


These are the pieces I started with
Pottery bowl
Grapvine wreath
I removed the silk flowers from the wreath
(I will use them somewhere in the house)

Painted the chain with Rust-Oleum Priner

This bowl was a perfet fit for this grapevine wreath, so all I had to do was place it inside the wreath and with the wieght of the water, it seems to be holding up fine.

 I liked it, BUT ….
 I wanted MORE…so I…yep, did you guess it?
Succulents?  Ok,  if your doing the eyeroll thing…I know…I know …NOT another succulent post!  Wait you will see it looks so much better with them.To add the succulents to the grapvine wreath,  I made little burlap soil sacks…how did I do that?  I’ll show  you…

You will need:
Succulent stems ( let your stems dry out and callous for at least a day)
Spagnum moss

Cut 4-6X6 pieces of burlap
Place your soil mix in the center of the burlap
Cut  4 pieces of  jute (approx 6 inches)
Place your succulent stem into the middle of the burlap and soil
Pull your burlap up and around your stem and tie it off with some jute
(not too tight, but enough to hold the soil and your plant)

while you are are making your burlap succulent sacks, soak your spagnum moss in a bucket of water. (making sure all spagnum is covered in water).

Figure out the placemeNt of where you want to plant your succulent sacks on the grapevine wreath

use pieces of  jute to tie them down to your grapvine wreath

Place your spagnum moss around all of the succulent burlap sacks
and tucking the remainder it into the grapevine wreath.

I added the spagnum moss all around my wreath to create a nest like look, I tied it down as I went with jute.

Now… who doesn’t like to soak in a bath with candle light?
I say it goes hand in hand.  Don’t you?
So with that thought and giving these birds this luxuary as well.  Candle light it is!

To make these you will need:
Mason Jar

Bird Seed
Tea lights
Needle nose pilers
and wire cutters
You will need two pieces of wire one for the handle and one to go around the neck of the mason jar
 Ours is twisted, but you can do it with a single piece of  wire and it will still work.


Wrap your wire around the neck of the mason jar, as you go you will want to slip one part of the handle wire between the mason jar ( make sure you leave about 2 inches below so you can bend it up and over the wire around the mason jar). As you are wrapping the wire and when you come to the opposite side, bend the handle wire over the top of the jar and and slip that piece between the wire of the mason jar.  Finish wrapping until the
 two wire ends come together leaving  about 1 1/2 inches on both ends take a  pair of needle nose pilers and twist the ends together and cut the remainder off with wire cutters.


pour approximately 2 inches of  bird seed into the bottom of the mason jar and add a tea (tweet) light.
Bird Bath by Candle (Tweet) Light!

I must admit our birds are very spoiled, but actually they are the one’s spoiling us with all there natural beauty and their beautiful song’s!
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