Roadkill Rescue Patio side table


Roadkill  Side Table Rescue and New Outdoor RugAs I was driving down the street at 5:30 in the morning to go pick up my carpool buddy, I noticed on the sidewalk this iron table and some other stuff.  This little table really stuck out and as I passed it and got down the street a few blocks away, I kept thinking about this little table “should I keep going?”  “do I turn around and get it?”  “How much time do I have?”  with all of these thoughts racing though my head and since I have never done this type of thing before,  I was a little nervous…what if someone sees me?  Is it out there for the taking?  Of course it is!  I immediately turned around and yes I did it!  I would like to think I rescued it…yes that is what I did I rescued it!

I don’t think I have ever gotten out of a car so fast in my life, popped the trunk, and in it went!

I am really not a green fan and neither is Mr. OMT, so I knew it would get painted, of course, to “match” what we have.


Didn’t really have to do much to it, it was in pretty good shape, just needed a little cleaning up and some paint
I first sprayed it with a hammered copper color and then stippled and dry brushed it with Black paint.

I love this little bird I found at TJ Maxx and he does look quite handsome in his new home.

For the life of me I can’t remember who did a post on this QVC outdoor patio rug, I wish I did!  If you happen to be reading this post…Thank you!  It was so inexpensive and it really changes the looks of the patio.  It is also reversable.  I love it!

I can’t believe how it just matched with the pillows even the design is very similar.

I love the size of it! It fits perfect in it’s new spot.

 Well, I can now say I did my first roadkill rescue…scary, exciting and down and out right fun!   I am very pleased on how it turned out and the new outdoor patio rug. 

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Hint for next post:  Bird
Can you guess what it is?


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20 thoughts on “Roadkill Rescue Patio side table

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  2. I have the rug in my shopping cart on QVC. I was reluctant to order it because the comments say the patio furniture goes through the weave.<br /><br />Now that I&#39;ve seen yours, I think I&#39;ll complete the order.<br /><br />Shirley

  3. Love the table. Did it have the glass top with it too? I just painted an outdoor metal table, using the hammered silver by rustoleum. Love that paint. I need a glass top for it though.

  4. I love the roadkill rescue. The initial driveby &quot;hey, what was that?&quot;, then the slow driveby &quot;I need that, will it fit in the car?&quot; then the &quot;stop the car and get that thing in the trunk before anyone sees me&quot;.<br />Great makeover!

  5. The new color looks fantastic. The entire outdoor setting is so inviting. I&#39;ve got to hit the streets and find my first roadkill rescue…and I&#39;m hoping it&#39;s patio furniture. Thanks for inspiring!<br /><br />Sharon @ mrs. hines class

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