Oak Stump Succulent Garden

Oak Log Succulent Garden
It is always so hard for me to stay inside or sit still for very long ( Mr. OMT says he thinks I am on something?  well I am!  I am on a DIY high!)  I work inside all week and when the weather is  nice how can one sit still?.  I hope you don’t mind, but I really needed to get back out in the yard while I can and yes, I have another succulent planter to share. (I told you I was obsessed with succulents, right?)  If you have been following me,  I shared  a 30th wedding anniversary we did using a log for the centerpiece and a tutorial Here . 


Well as the saying goes “The party is over!”  Now what to do with the log now that the party is over?  Can’t let it go to waste right?  So…here it is, this is what you do with it…Plant yet another succulent arrangement.  .
I keep telling myself ….OK that is enough succulents…until I see another one that is different than what I have!  I think I need succulent obsession counseling!!! Head hanging in shame, but what can be so shameful about it?  Just enjoying life and all it’s surrounding beauty.
It’s the little things and I do enjoy every bit of it!  I could just sit in the back yard all day.
Watching the birds in there new retweet, water fountain running, garden producing and all the beautiful flowers surrounding it all.
Awww, what a life!  Life is good!

I kept the battery operated tea lights that had in the log, so we can add them back in and have it lit  for those special occasions or just because.

This part of the yard really needed something and I think this is just what it needed!If you like what you just read please Subscribe  or follow so
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Hint:  Next post “road kill rescue”  



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14 thoughts on “Oak Stump Succulent Garden

  1. Hi Tammy, your succulant log really is fun. I have a log that the centered was hollowed out for a log building. My hubby was the engineer on the job and he brought this extra one home. I planted it with hens and chicks and It&#39;s a fun piece in the garden. Succulants are great for shallow planters. Thanks so much for sharing it with Share Your Cup.<br />Hugs,<br />Jann

  2. Hi Tammy, I love how you&#39;ve planted your succulents. I like them too because they&#39;re so easy to grow, very low maintenance, and always pretty. <br />Thanks for stopping by. I&#39;m a new follower, Mary Alice

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