Candle Centerpiece made from leftovers and tutorial

How to make a Multipurpose Tea Light Candle Holder/Centerpiece Using Scraps

Never Waste!  That is what we are all taught growing up, right? Well, there is no waste here at OMT.
This Centerpiece was made with a 2 X 6 and 4 X 4 left over from our raised vegetable bed.
You can see it Here.

The bottom piece was cut 2ft in length

The top 4X4 piece was cut 1ft in length

A 1 1/4 bit was used to drill  for the placement of tea lights.

All edges were routed

and then stained with a waterproof finish
and left to dry for about an hour

Tea lights were added!  I love that this piece is so versatile and can be used in so many ways, see below

Just with tea lights


Table Vignette
remove tea lights and add a arrangement to the top piece and leaving two tea lights on the bottom

decorate the side and leaving the tea lights on top.

I was first inspired by ala mode Stuff on pinterest  a while back and always thought I would like one of these. When I found out Mr. OMT had pieces of wood left over, I asked him if he would make one for the patio.  Mr. OMT being, Mr. OMT did make one, but put his magic to work and created this one, which is a little different!  I Love it!  I love dimension!  He knows me well.  There are so many ways I can think of to decorate it,   for all seasons, or just leave it original.
I found a blog called  Coach House Crafting on a Budget be sure to visit her and see her version of her teal lighter.  So many possibilities!So, don’t throw your scraps away!!! There is always something you can do with them!
Our parents would be so proud!  See parents sometimes we do listen!

A little heads up if you have been following you all know now about the raised vegetable bed and it’s addition, Right?  Well there is something in the works, so stay tuned I know you are going to like it.  I know I do!  If you haven’t been following and would like to see what is coming up next, either follow or subscribe.  We love the company and love sharing!


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