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So…this was the final Sunday project that was done, but before I get into that,  I want to share some exciting news…well… exciting to me anyway… so, bare with me, while I toot my own horn…toot toot!  I was getting ready to do this post and I decided to check my stats clicked on a blog in the traffic source to find out that I had been featured on her blog….Happy Dance!  This is the second time we have been featured!   I am so, very excited and thankful!  I have only really been seriously blogging for 2 months and I can’t tell you how happy and excited I am with it and the wonderful blogging friends I have meet,  All I can say is,  discovering blogging has been one of  the best healing things that could have ever happened to me, especially at this time, without going all up into my personal business…let’s just say (some real troubling times)  I believe the Lord led me here and I also believe he has big  plans for me!  He laid  this all out and I didn’t even realize it… if you go to my first post you can see I didn’t even touch it for about a year. I am not sure what happened, but something kept  telling me to look back into this blogging more seriously.   Things just started happening and every time I turned around He would lay out another opportunity and it was usually through someones blog post…I would be thinking, ” I wish I knew how too..or I wish I could…”  and when I would open a post…there it was!  God is Good,  so is family and I am thankful for each and everyone of them and feel blessed to have them.

OK… sorry, got a little carried away there..but really felt lead to share that with all of you.

so…now for the actual post.: “Family is Everything” and it starts with these words…I had this for about 2 years now and Mr. OMT suggested we get the stairwell wall done.  He didn’t know I had this vinyl wording , so while he was out painting the frames I hung this up.  When he came in and saw it he got tears in his eyes awww…if he know I was posting this he would be so embarrassed.  You know he is one of those tough guys…NOT

Mr. OMT started painting the frames…

And I started laying the pictures of our loved one’s creating some kind of pattern.

so here,  we created a wall gallery of all the one’s we love going up the stair case

We love it, every time we go up or down the stairs,  we are reminded how blessed we are!
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